2016 - Today : Game Trailers

I decided to part from interaction to go back to animation and video. In February 2016 I joined the Bläck team part of GoodBye Kansas. Our team is specialised in game trailers.

2013-2015 : Interactive years

In 2013 I started to work with Goo Technologies, initially as a front end developer to help them create the first version of Goo Create a WebGl/HTML 5 online editor. The months passed and Goo needed a studio to start producing client requests and show the world what could be done with the tool I then started to work as a Creative Producer.  In October 2015 I started my own studio Most Formal.

2011 - 2013 : Startup adventure and more productions

Me and Magnus Őstergren took a couple of experiments a bit further and created Shotbox, our startup focused on creating storytelling web based tool. Shotbox first iteration was a storyboarding companion who helped more than 8000 users around the world.

2010 - 2012 - Producer in Sweden

I moved in Stockholm to join an animated documentary called Sharaf, directed by David Aronowitsch and Hanna Heilborn at Story AB. The years went by and I met amazing people like Nicolas Maurice or Magnus Őstergren leading to work collaborations. I was also part of "Animation Sans Frontieres", a workshop gathering 20 animation professional for 8 weeks in 4 different art schools.

Before 2010 : Coding and Animation

After finishing a bachelor degree in Software Engineering in Scotland I decided to move on and joined "Les Gobelins" french animation school in Paris for a course in production management. It led me to work for Mocaplab a motion capture studio which introduce me to the production of animation for video clip, video games, commercials, long features.